Sunday, May 31, 2009

Conditioner Only Method African's Best Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

I have been traveling and away from blogging but I am going to get back in the swing of things this week so I will have more updates on some of the new products I have tried. So its hot and humid now its time for me to experiment with wearing my natural hair for the first time in the spring/summer. I have went on youtube and kept hearing great things about the conditioner only method and found one video of a lady using Olive Oil Deep Conditioner by African's Best. I tried this method and so far I like it it is thicker and I prefer creamier conditioners because my hair is so thick and my hair stayed moist and my curls were popping but the next time I am going to try different conditioners and see which one will give me the best curl definition. I will be trying different conditioners to see which one give me the look I am trying to achieve. I would love to hear from you ladies what conditioners are you using?

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