Friday, March 5, 2010

I have been MIA

I have been so busy lately with school and attending hair shows so ladies let me give you an update whats been going on with me. Some of you may know I am going to school at Paul Mitchell The School. I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for advanced training. I met some of the best people in the hair industry... but what stood out to me the most was only 3 natural sistas were there out of 2000 students. wow that's all I can say... but would I change my hair to fit in heck no. I love being different my hair is a conversation piece. The 3 natural girls I ran into it felt like The Color Purple when Ceily was reunited with her sister. We ask so many questions like what hair products are you using omg I love your hair no I love your hair.. It was a great feeling to see that although I am attending a Paul Mitchell School I am sticking to being natural and they felt that same way. Being natural is the best decision I have ever made. I find myself spending a lot more money than I did being relaxed but its my hair its an investment. So ladies I am using some new products by Hairveda. I will give a review after 3 uses so I can give my honest opinion. So far I am loving their 24/7 Conditioner and Deep Conditioner Hair Mask.

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