Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hair Growth Update

I am loving the natural hair and being free of that sodium hydroxide. My hair has changed in so many ways. The texture that I started off with is not what I have now. When I first went natural I did not like the way my hair felt. I went through so many products to find which would be my staple and I have so many I just can't live without. Being in hair school at Paul Mitchell I get asked a lot by our guest which Paul Mitchell product I am using and I have to be honest and let them know I use a lot of natural hair products. Now don't get me wrong I have some favs of Paul Mitchell products especially for our natural sistas who want those roots to be smooth and straight. I love Paul Mitchell Smoothing Line, Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Line and last but not least if I had to take one product with me it would be Paul Mitchell grooming pomade I love Eco Styler Gel but it has nothing on the grooming pomade. I love to use it on twists and slicking back my puffs it gives the best hold and lay every piece of hair down and provides a nice shine. I am so glad I am naturally me.
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