Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chunky Afro

Here is my Chunky Afro using Sunsilk Captavating Curls Conditioner Only. The way I achieved this look. I put the conditioner on my hair smooth it through my hair and got under the shower with my head backwards and let the water run through without touching my hair and when I got out the shower I just shake my head and go. My hair stayed moisturized all day and it was soft.


  1. I wanna try this- where do you buy it- dont see it at walgreens or target...

  2. Ok just went to Sunsilk's site and it says its at Target and Walgreens- guess they just don't have it on their websites- I'll have to physically go in and look for it then....

  3. You can get it at walmart target walgreens cvs . I love it as you can see it bring out the curls without anymore products added.