Thursday, April 23, 2009

Intro To Being A Natural Newbie

Being a natural newbie is about not knowing what work best for my hair type so I have to experiment and try different type of products just to find my staple hair products. When I decided to go natural is was a relief of being free and not having to worry about putting that chemical fire cream in my hair. Being a newbie to natural hair it havent been so easy because there are so many things I am learning about my hair from what conditioners to use how to define my curls and the basic of a wash and go. I am learning new things each and everyday about natural hair. I have tried a lot of different products just to find my staple hair products so I will be doing reviews on the products that work best for my hair type.


  1. I've just joined the journey myself- learning my hair is going to be trying at times I'm sure but I'm ready - I have a little bit of new growth right now and I'm loving it- can't keep my hands out of it...think I'm getting closer and closer to the BC- ready to have the permed ends gone. good luck to you!

  2. by the way I found your youtube channel so thats how I found yo uhere...

  3. Welcome to the world of natural hair. I had to do the same thing. Trying different products, but when I found what worked I stuck with it. You will too. Check me out on youtube when you have a chance. (naturalsoutherngrrl)

    Best wishes with your natural hair journey.

    P.S. I found you on mybloglog. Thanks for stopping by. :)